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Refactoring and future plans

Still alive here! Many years have passed and as I was getting into other projects I came to realize how the original comic pages are... not so good!

My English improved as well as my drawing skills and now I can clearly see how editing at least some details here and there would make everything so much BETTER... and also, the original plot was mostly "with the flow" and very thin, so I began writing down the script before everything else. Really, really much better now. Not completed yet, but still better.

So all in all, it needs a complete redo: it won't change much from the original pages, but it will certainly benefit from the new script & drawing skills; the website could use some tweaking as well.

When will I do such a thing? Well....

I'm currently in what you would call a near-bankruptcy situation. I've opened several projects between payed commissions and indie games development, I'm also considering Patreon. Until I get the proper time to do it - and, by time I mean a moment in which I'm not holding off anything in order to finish priority things first - it will have to wait. I'm still working on the script though, as it's not finished yet!

If you're interested in my other works or you would like to check for updates about this project, I will be sure to announce them on one of my galleries/blogs if not all of them:

- deviantART
- Weasyl
- Furaffinity
- Facebook
- Twitter

Sorry again for the long wait!
Looking forward to work on this project again.

- Federico Barlotti a.k.a Banderi

posted by Banderi @ August 30th, 2015, 12:33 pm  -  0 Comments

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