Q.: Is this comic free to read?

Yes, this comic is completely non-profit (for now >;D) and requires no payments or informations about yourself to read. However, the italian version on deviantART has some pages under the mature filtering (usually PG13/PG16) and requires to be registered on dA.com to read.

Q.: Does this comic contain mature contents under PG18?

Nope, the only "mature" ratings I left on dA were under PG13/PG16, because of light, artistic nudity or violence/gore and only in few, particular events in the story.

Q.: How often does the comic update?

I currently set the update day to Wednesday; every Wednesday at 12:00 A.M. a new page should be out
N.B.: The english pages are -2 compared to the ITA version on dA; this means that you can read the actual new page after two updates here.

Q.: Is this a furry comic?

It does contain furry characters;
Despite the common knowledge of what "furry" or "anthro" does or does not mean, my comic has some anthro characters in it and this makes it a "furry comic", even if THERE IS NO P*RN or any other kinky-fetish thing that people usually count as fundamental element of "furry". In fact, "furry" actually means everything that artistically refers to anthropomorphic animals and nothing more.

Q.: What is the meaning of "EleMent V-112"?

112 is the atomic number of Copernicium, an actual synthetic lab-obtained element about 1.217 times heavier than uranium; it is currently supposed to appear as a liquid metal, even more volatile then mercury. The V-Copernicium (V-CN or V-112) is a nuclear-modified version of this element, invented by the NRFQ Researches in the comic. Due to its new stable and highly controllable nature, it is used as base material for extremely powerful cyborgs and other kinds of superweapons.

Q.: Why does the comic style changes so much between the first pages?

The main cause is that the first 15 pages were done within almost an year; my style have been changed a lot in that period, also because I was going to a great art school where I learnt anatomy, styles, rules and techniques. Though, I'm still changing my style right now.

Q.: Why does the comic start with such a strange page? And why does the protagonist bla-de-blahh?

Eh, this is way too much spoiler, sorry. I won't tell you what the first pages mean! ;)

Q.: Hey wait a sec... you said you was updating every Wednesday, are you kidding me? Where's my new page??

Err.. you see... it is 'cuz - oh look, a giant pink waffle behind you! *runs away*

Q.: Can I adapt your comic?

Yes, you may modify, translate and/or non-commercially redistribute any of my comic pages and extra strips, as long as it respects my CC licence; you may also use my own characters and settings, or draw inspiration for your own work and for fan-art, too.

Q.: Can I link to your website/comic/dA gallery?

Of course! Feel free to use the HTML banners in the Gallery section if you wish. :)



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