Main characters

Megan W. Arols

Codename: 'Vanix'

Gender: female

Born: Quebéc, Canada

Age: 20

Kind: EXVCN Cyborg

EXVCN-Code: V4K65536

V-112 Percentage: 49.1%

Height: 1.82m/71.65in

Weight: 75.7kg (87.6kg)/166.8lb (193.2lb)

Physical Strenght: 1856tsu

Current side: Team Ϙ

Appearing as: Red Fox (vulpes vulpes)

Value: 152,000,000 $

Description: Megan was born in Quebéc on May 12th, 2089; she grew up in a small country cottage village until the age of 16, when she entered the IPD forces to take revenge on the ANATO Organization, that murdered her parents.

While very young, she has been brought to the Ontario-Quebéc ϘLabs, which were researching on biotechnologies on account of the NRFQ Facilities of Quebéc. After a failed assault on one of the ANATO outposts, she was saved from death by the former chief scientist of the Labs, the doctor Lewis Oddley, whom brought her again to them in order to explain her the truth about the IPD versus ANATO world-scale war. Turned into a powerful EXVCN Cyborg, she then joined the Team Ϙ as "Vanix" and started training to fulfill her vengeance.

Dr. Lewis T. Oddley

Codename: 'Doc'

Gender: male

Born: San Francisco, USA

Age: 56

Kind: human

Height: 1.50m/59.05in

Weight: 81.3kg/179.3lb

Physical Strenght: 210tsu

Current side: Team Ϙ

Value: 5,200,000 $

Description: With Ph.D. in both Math and Physics, Lewis was one of the head scientists of the Nanotechnologies Research Facilities of Quebéc years before the start of the Great Terroristic War in 2088. He was one of the persons behind the V-112 project, as well as the one who discovered the way to render the Copernicium enough stable to be used as an high-tech material. He was kicked out of the project when he protested against the bellic usage of it, then transferred to the Ontario-Quebéc ϘLabs as their chief.

He first met a 10 years old Megan in 2099, when she was brought to the labs for some experiments. The next year, when the facility was closed due to its uselessness for the war, he remained there continuing the V-112 research in secret, planning to use it against the NRFQ and the IPD themselves, with the help of a team of selected rebels, the Team Ϙ.

His previous life is certainly not unknown: born in 1053 and destined to become a genius, he was one of the world most famous scientists just at the age of 25.

Natanie James

Codename: 'Wrench'

Gender: female

Born: Chicago, USA

Age: 19

Kind: human

Height: 1.74m/68.50in

Weight: 77.6kg/171.0lb

Physical Strenght: 933tsu

Current side: Team Ϙ

Value: 1,260,000 $

Minor characters


Gender: male

Age: 16 months

Kind: midget ferret

Height: 0.11m (0.17m)/4.33in (6.69in)

Weight: 0.3kg/0.7lb

Physical Strenght: 22tsu

Owner: Lewis T. Oddley


International Public Defence

Location (base): somewhere around USA

Founded: 3rd January, 2089 A.D.


Anti-Nationalistic Armaments Terroristic organization

Location (base): Pushkin (Saint Petersburg), Russia

Founded: 13th July, 2088 A.D.


Team Ϙ

Location (base): Ϙ-112 Laboratories of Quebéc, somewhere near Cobalt, Canada

Founded: 5th April, 2101 A.D.


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