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2109: The International Public Defence vs the Anti-Nationalistic Armaments Terroristic Organization; a big World War is on the way... Should a team of rebels stop this madness with the help of new super-hi-techs?

Anthro time!

Nanotechnologies and biotechs age, a new weapon is born with the discovery the V-Copernicium (V-CN or V-112), an artificial variant of the Copernicium; this metal is extremely resistant and can be used, along with biotechnologies, to create Cyborgs.

Now, different factions and nations all around the Earth were afraid of this new weapon potential and ANATO managed to steal part of this technology; with it, the terroristic organization has become a terrible risk for the rest of the world.

Cyborgs were now one of the focal point of the upcoming war and both IPD and ANATO were planning to create and use them as soon as the technology was upgraded enough to permit a cheap production of V-112. However, a first prototype of anthropomorphic cyborg (more like a proud symbol of the armada than a soldier) was created by the NRFQ Facilities with a volunteer IPD Lieutenant and sent to action, until ANATO captured and turned him against the IPD. The only other currently known and operative cyborg is Megan W. Arols, ex-IPD sergeant, appearing as a red fox.

The art of War

The story of the comic takes place in the 22nd century, when a terroristic organization, the ANATO, and the International Public Defense, the IPD, are fighting all around USA, Europe, Russia, Pacific and Southern America, occupying cities and attacking each other military bases.

The ANATO has modern and powerful technologies, mostly stolen from the IPD and the GAWA, and its power is mainly based on very high amounts of soldiers. IPD has on its side continuous scientific research and tech improving, with its several science facilities like NRFQ; though, several secret techs have been stolen by the ANATO and IPD is currently going carefully through the war, massively using city-based tactics and special elite forces.

The most important tech is the V-CN usage over cyborgs and weapons, partially stolen by ANATO forces; the only faction in the world that is currently able to use this tech is the Team Ϙ, sited in the abandoned Ϙ-112 Laboratories. Team Ϙ has also many others new, secret and highly powerful technologies, like cold nuclear fusion.

The mostly used technologies so far are light machinepistols and guns, plasma-bullets weapons, high-range ballistics and powerful melee weapons and devices, like artificial limbs, or also swords.



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